Product Timeline

-35A	1972-07-01	one at all (also: Classic, RPN, etc.)

-80A	1973-02-01	business, TVM4, date arithmetic, bond, depreciation,
			shift key, statistics, display mode control

-45A	1973-05-01	last X, numbered registers, trig modes, conversion
			constants, store/recall arithmetic

-46A	<=1973		printer, no display

-65A	1974-01-19	programmable, card reader, octal, f-1 key,
			triple shift key

-70A	1974-08-01	dedicated TVM registers

-55A	1975-01-01	timer

-21A	1975-02-01	Woodstock

-25A	1975-08-01	none

-22A	1975-09-01	none

-91A	1976-03-01	Topcat

-27A	1976-05-01	"do everything" (scientific, statistical, business),
			normal distribution, heavy statistics

-25C	1976-07-01	continuous memory, "upgrade"
-95C	not		JUMP
-67A	1976-07-01	"matched set" (w/-97A), last Classic,
			rapid reverse branching, synthetic programming
-97A	1976-07-01	"matched set" (w/-67A),
			rapid reverse branching, synthetic programming

-10A	1977-07-01	adding machine logic, "handheld" printer
-29C	1977-07-01	first CMOS/SOS memory (with -19C), last Woodstock
-92A	1977-07-01	TVM5, bond, depreciation, IRR, calendar selection

-19C	1977-09-01	first CMOS/SOS memory (with -29C)

-97S	1977-12-01	serial output, last Topcat

-31E	1978-05-01	Spice series (with -33E and -38E)
-33E	1978-05-01	Spice series (with -31E and -38E)
-38E	1978-05-01	Spice series (with -31E and -33E), cash flows,
			moveable program/register divider

-01A	1978-07-01	algebraic, 4 function, watch, non-EEX entry machine
-32E	1978-07-01	(with -37E)
-37E	1979-07-01	(with -32E)

-33C	1979-07-01	last Spice (with -34C and -38C),
			last ->C conversion (with -38C)
-34C	1979-07-01	numerical integration, root finder, gamma,
			last Spice (with -33C and -38C)
-38C	1979-07-01	last Spice (with -33C and -34C),
			last ->C conversion (with -33C)
-41C	1979-07-01	Coconut, alpha, ports, user keyboard,

-85A	1979-12-07	?

-85F	1980-05-07	?

-41CV	1980-12-15	none
-83A	1980-12-15	?

-83F	1981-01-15	?

-41opt1	1981-03-24	first blank keyboard

-11C	1981-09-01	Voyager (with -12C), RAN#
-12C	1981-09-01	Voyager (with -11C)

-87A	1982-02-08	?

-86A	1982-06-14	?
-87XM	1982-06-14	?

-15C	1982-07-01	complex including hyperbolics, matrix,
			all 12 conditionals!

-16C	1982-07-01	programmer's (base arithmetic, variable
			length word size)

-10C	1982-09-02	last Voyager

-75C	1982-09-15	portable computer

-85B	1983-06-01	?

-86B	1983-07-01	?

-41CX	1983-10-01	none

-71B	1984-02-01	Saturn machine, IEEE math
-75D	1984-02-01	none

-18C	1986-06-01	Clamshell, algebraic since -01A, solver,
			list-based cash flow and stats, I/R output,
			appointments and clock (not counting -71* and -75*)

-28C	1987-01-05	RPL, general units, graphing, complex numbers,
			symbolic math, symbolic integration, differentiation

-94D	1987-02		8086-compatible (with -94E and -94F)
-94E	1987-02		8086-compatible (with -94D and -94F)
-94F	1987-02		8086-compatible (with -94D and -94E)

-17B	1988-01-04	Pioneer, use of two-level ALPHA menu
			(all with -27S)
-19B	1988-01-04	text, multiple language support
-27S	1988-01-04	Pioneer, use of two-level ALPHA menu
			(all with -17B), algebraic scientific

-28S	1988-01-04	graphics objects, directories for user variables

-22S	1988-06-01	pre-programmed equations
-32S	1988-06-01	RPN solver and identification of variables by RCL,
			checksums for programs, L## display of program lines

14B	1988-10-31	"vertical" menus, COMPUTE key

-42S	1988-10-31	polar complex notation

-10B	1989-01-03	none
-20S	1989-01-03	libraries (with -21S)
-21S	1989-01-03	libraries (with -20S), statistics-only

17BII	1990-01		dual logic machine (with 19BII)
19BII	1990-01		dual logic machine (with 17BII), last Clamshell

48SX	1990-03-06	real units that work, bidirectional I/R,
			matrix editor, equation writer, kermit,
			3D complex, stack application, ->Q, serial port,
			overhead projector support from HP

32SII	1991-03-01	combined RPN and algebraic solver,
			use of RCL to build strings,
			use of equations as messages,
			algebraic equations within RPN programs,
			use of different representations for subtraction
			and minus sign in front of numbers,
			use of smaller E to indicate exponent

48S	1991-04-02	none
95LX	1991-04-23	palmtop, painted key legends, second Lotus

95LX1MB	1992-03-02	none

100LX	1993-05-04	25x80 display, fast I/R

48GX	1993-06-01	128K RAM built in, able to accept
			bank-switched RAM cards in port 2 up to 4 meg

100LX2MB 1994-02-01	2MBytes of memory

48G	1995-01-01

38G	1995-04-06	hard cover, split screen, ApLets,
			implied multiplication, numeric table view of
			equations, hang tag box, cardboard packaging

48G+	1998-03-30	first machine from Australia

6S	1999-04-01	English/French manual, DRG key,	DRG conversions,
			AB/C key, D/C key DMS display mode, cube root, XNOR,
			first complete machine from Australia

			just being different:
				\GS+ named DATA
				\GS- named DEL
				FLO mode
				weird max on hexadecimal values

			dubious: can't set radix mark, must unscrew case
			to change batteries
6SSolar	1999-04-01	solar power, no off function, otherwise same list as 6S

49G	1999-05-21	CAS, rubber keys, use of flash, use of field
			downloadable fonts

30S	2000-04-07	swappable keyboard colors

39G	2000-?		?
40G	2000-?		?

10Bii	2000-?		?

9G	2003-01-24	none
9S	2003-01-24	none

12CPt	2003-05-?	?

49G+	2003-10 US, 2003-09 rest of world	?

17BII+	2003-09-23	?
33S	2003-10?	integer division
39G+	2003-10?	?
48GII	2003-10?	infinite precision integers

40g+	2004-01-08
19BII+	2004-01		?

40GS	2005-fall

8s	2006-01-01

12CPA	2006-?
39GS	2006-?
50G	2006-?

10s	2007-07-12	?
35s	2007-07-12	?

20b	2008-?	?
30b	2008-?	?

10s+	2012-10-01

12BII	never introduced	?
-56A	never introduced	?
-66A	never introduced	?
-81A	?		?
-83A	?		?
-85F	?		?
-95C	never introduced	?
38G+	never introduced	?



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