I have written other articles, but don't have electronic copies of
them at hand.  (If you have copies, please let me know!)  They are:

"The Evolution of a Program: A Case Study," invited guest article,
Prompt HP-CC, ISSN 0927-6556, Vol 10 Num 3, Juni 1993, page 2.

"The HP-94 Story - Audax Corporation," Datafile, Vol 11 No 6,
November 1992, page 33.

"The Collect-94 Language," Datafile, Vol 11 No 5,
July/August 1992, page 3.

"The Collect-94 Development System," Datafile, Vol 11 (10?) No 3,
April/May 1992, page 27.

"Freya - An Emacs for the HP95LX," Datafile, Vol 11 No 1,
January/February 1992, page 5.

"Gotos on the HP48SX," Datafile, Vol 10 No 8, December 1991, page 39.

"Freyja: An Emacs for the HP-95LX," Proceedings of the HP Handheld
User's Conference, Corvallis, Oregon. August 1991.



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I am Craig A. Finseth.

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