Model:	12CPA, differences from -12CPt

		Date:		2006-08-?
		Price:		?

	Named-Registers:	It has a total of 70 cash flow registers.


f + +	increases contrast
f + -	decreases contrast


- CLx, Enter, \GS-, and \GS+ (correctly) disable stack lift for subsequent
EEX, RCL and digit but _not_ for LSTx.

- CHS doesn't affect stack lift.

- Stack life is not disabled on TVM entry.  A subsequent Rv is
therefore often required.  Rv followed by a TVM key merely stores the
value, so a second TVM key press is then required to solve.

- The sequence:

	1 Enter 1.012 Enter CLx DATE 2 Rv

gives 1 on a 12C but 1.012 on a CPA.

- The sequence:

	1 Enter CHS 2 Rv

gives 1 on a 12C and 1 on a CPA.  See the HPMuseum enter on 25 July
2006 for more on this one.

- Displaying program lines is much slower on a 12CPA than a 12C.

- Pressing f then holding down SST in PRGM mode slowly fills memory
with "42 34" (CLx).

- Pressing g CFi does not auomatically reset Nj to 1.

- AMORT does not do RCL PMT f RND PMT.  It does use the rounded PMT
though.  This bug is similar to ones on the 18C and 17BII+.


IRR behavior is slightly different.

Code is definitely developed by HP based on the 17BII+ firmware.

Comes with a leather case.

25th Anniversary edition.

All 12cpt bugs have been fixed.



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