Model:	17BII+, calculator is based on 17BII

	Name:			?
	Code-Name:		Trader 3
	Family:			?
	Logic:			?
	Features:		?
	Firsts:			?
		Date:		2003-09-23
		Price:		$120
		Date:		in production
		Price:		?
	Production-Run:		?


Manufactured by Kinpo (http://www.kinpo.com.tw).

- Does not have L(et) and G(et) functions.

- The original version had a single-width INPUT key.  Starting in
September 2007, a redesigned case was slowly and quietly introduced
with an overall silvery look and a double-width INPUT key.

The following oddity has been observed:

- In RPN mode, type in 100,000,000,000 (without the commas of course)
and press ENTER

- Now type 0.4995 and press + (plus)

The display changes to 100,000,000,001, when it should not.

On a 17BII, you get 100,000,000,000.

Some bugs were fixed in units with serial numbers CNA4120001 and
higher.  List can be found in DATAFILE V23N5P20 Sep/Oct 2004.



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