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enter expression calculator
first, last, zip phone book
last, zip phone book
number special numbers
street address, city, state, or ZIP map
allinanchor:word all words must be in anchors
allintext:word all words must be in text
allintitle:words all words must be in titles
allinurl:word all words must be in URLs
bphonebook:name business phone book
cache:page copy from Google's cache
daterange:range complicated
define:word dictionary
filetype:type restrict search to pages of this file type
inanchor:word word in anchor
info:topic finds information about topic
intext:word word in text
intitle:word word in title
inurl:word word in URL
link:URL pages that link to this one
phonebook:name look up phone numbers
related:page finds pages related to this page
rphonebook:name residential phone book
site:site pages must be from this site
stocks:ticket symbol stock quotes

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I am Craig A. Finseth.

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