ISAN and V-ISAN Identifier Manipulation

Craig A. Finseth,

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This page provides working sample ECMAscript/JavaScript code for manipulating ISAN and V-ISAN identifiers. Other versions are:

To use this page, you need to have JavaScript or ECMAscript enabled in your browser.

Additional information about ISAN and V-ISAN identifiers can be found at

This page and the contained code is not copyright and the contents may be used freely. The intention behind providing this page (and the code) is to ensure uniform and complete implementation of ISAN and V-ISAN identifier manipulation. This page was revised 5 January 2006 to change the V-ISAN: prefix to ISAN: and correct the check digit calculations.

You can enter an ISAN or V-ISAN identifier with or without check digit(s) into the "Enter an identifier" box and see the various forms. Pressing the TEST button enters sample data for you; pressing it again enters new test data (it cycles after a while). You can also edit any field: it will be used as the new identifier.

ISAN and V-ISAN Identifier Manipulation
Enter an identifier
Normalized value


     episode or part

Identifiers w/o check character

Check characters
     ISAN portion
     V-ISAN portion

     ISAN check digit
     V-ISAN check digit