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This character set is as specified in ANS standards, and is known as the ASCII character set. It has been extended to include Meta characters (characters with their top, or eighth, bit turned on).

decimaloctalhexgraphicname (meaning)
0.00000^@NUL (used for padding)
1.00101^ASOH (start of header)
2.00202^BSTX (start of text)
3.00303^CETX (end of text)
4.00404^DEOT (end of transmission)
5.00505^EENQ (enquiry)
6.00606^FACK (acknowledge)
7.00707^GBEL (bell or alarm)
8.01008^HBS (backspace)
9.01109^IHT, TAB (horizontal tab)
10.0120A^JLF (line feed)
11.0130B^KVT (vertical tab)
12.0140C^LFF (form feed, new page)
13.0150D^MCR (carriage return)
14.0160E^NSO (shift out)
15.0170F^OSI (shift in)
16.02010^PDLE (data link escape)
17.02111^QDC1, XON (device control 1)
18.02212^RDC2 (device control 2)
19.02313^SDC3, XOFF (device control 3)
20.02414^TDC4 (device control 4)
21.02515^UNAK (negative acknowledge)
22.02616^VSYN (synchronous idle)
23.02717^WETB (end transmission block)
24.03018^XCAN (cancel)
25.03119^YEM (end of medium)
26.0321A^ZSUB (substitute)
27.0331B^[ESC (escape, alter mode, SEL)
28.0341C^\FS (file separator)
29.0351D^]GS (group separator)
30.0361E^^RS (record separator)
31.0371F^_US (unit separator)
32.04020 space or blank
33.04121!exclamation mark
34.04222"double quote
35.04323#number sign (hash mark)
36.04424$dollar sign
37.04525%percent sign
38.04626&ampersand sign
39.04727'single quote (apostrophe)
40.05028(left parenthesis
41.05129)right parenthesis
42.0522A*asterisk (star)
43.0532B+plus sign
45.0552D-minus sign (dash)
46.0562E.period (decimal point, dot)
47.0572F/(right) slash
48.060300numeral zero
49.061311numeral one
50.062322numeral two
51.063333numeral three
52.064344numeral four
53.065355numeral five
54.066366numeral six
55.067377numeral seven
56.070388numeral eight
57.071399numeral nine
60.0743C<less-than sign
61.0753D=equal sign
62.0763E>greater-than sign
63.0773F?question mark
65.10141Aupper-case letter ALPHA
66.10242Bupper-case letter BRAVO
67.10343Cupper-case letter CHARLIE
68.10444Dupper-case letter DELTA
69.10545Eupper-case letter ECHO
70.10646Fupper-case letter FOXTROT
71.10747Gupper-case letter GOLF
72.11048Hupper-case letter HOTEL
73.11149Iupper-case letter INDIA
74.1124AJupper-case letter JERICHO
75.1134BKupper-case letter KAPPA
76.1144CLupper-case letter LIMA
77.1154DMupper-case letter MIKE
78.1164ENupper-case letter NOVEMBER
79.1174FOupper-case letter OSCAR
80.12050Pupper-case letter PAPPA
81.12151Qupper-case letter QUEBEC
82.12252Rupper-case letter ROMEO
83.12353Supper-case letter SIERRA
84.12454Tupper-case letter TANGO
85.12555Uupper-case letter UNICORN
86.12656Vupper-case letter VICTOR
87.12757Wupper-case letter WHISKEY
88.13058Xupper-case letter XRAY
89.13159Yupper-case letter YANKEE
90.1325AZupper-case letter ZEBRA
91.1335B[left square bracket
92.1345C\left slash (backslash)
93.1355D]right square bracket
94.1365E^uparrow (caret)
96.14060`(single) back quote (grave accent)
97.14161alower-case letter alpha
98.14262blower-case letter bravo
99.14363clower-case letter charlie
100.14464dlower-case letter delta
101.14565elower-case letter echo
102.14666flower-case letter foxtrot
103.14767glower-case letter golf
104.15068hlower-case letter hotel
105.15169ilower-case letter india
106.1526Ajlower-case letter jericho
107.1536Bklower-case letter kappa
108.1546Cllower-case letter lima
109.1556Dmlower-case letter mike
110.1566Enlower-case letter november
111.1576Folower-case letter oscar
112.16070plower-case letter pappa
113.16171qlower-case letter quebec
114.16272rlower-case letter romeo
115.16373slower-case letter sierra
116.16474tlower-case letter tango
117.16575ulower-case letter unicorn
118.16676vlower-case letter victor
119.16777wlower-case letter whiskey
120.17078xlower-case letter xray
121.17179ylower-case letter yankee
122.1727Azlower-case letter zebra
123.1737B{left curly brace
124.1747C|vertical bar
125.1757D}right curly brace
127.1777F^?DEL (delete, rub out)
128.20080~^@Meta NUL (used for padding)
129.20181~^AMeta SOH (start of header)
130.20282~^BMeta STX (start of text)
131.20383~^CMeta ETX (end of text)
132.20484~^DMeta EOT (end of transmission)
133.20585~^EMeta ENQ (enquiry)
134.20686~^FMeta ACK (ackowledge)
135.20787~^GMeta BEL (bell or alarm)
136.21088~^HMeta BS (backspace)
137.21189~^IMeta HT, TAB (horizontal tab)
138.2128A~^JMeta LF (line feed)
139.2138B~^KMeta VT (vertical tab)
140.2148C~^LMeta FF (form feed, new page)
141.2158D~^MMeta CR (carriage return)
142.2168E~^NMeta SO (shift out)
143.2178F~^OMeta SI (shift in)
144.22090~^PMeta DLE (data link escape)
145.22191~^QMeta DC1, XON (device control 1)
146.22292~^RMeta DC2 (device control 2)
147.22393~^SMeta DC3, XOFF (device control 3)
148.22494~^TMeta DC4 (device control 4)
149.22595~^UMeta NAK (negative acknowledge)
150.22696~^VMeta SYN (synchronous idle)
151.22797~^WMeta ETB (end transmission block)
152.23098~^XMeta CAN (cancel)
153.23199~^YMeta EM (end of medium)
154.2329A~^ZMeta SUB (substitute)
155.2339B~^[Meta ESC (escape, alter mode, SEL)
156.2349C~^\Meta FS (file separator)
157.2359D~^]Meta GS (group separator)
158.2369E~^^Meta RS (record separator)
159.2379F~^_Meta US (unit separator)
160.240A0Meta space
161.241A1~!Meta exclamation mark
162.242A2~"Meta double quote
163.243A3~#Meta number sign (hash mark)
164.244A4~$Meta dollar sign
165.245A5~%Meta percent sign
166.246A6~&Meta ampersand sign
167.247A7~'Meta single quote (apostrophe)
168.250A8~(Meta left parenthesis
169.251A9~)Meta right parenthesis
170.252AA~*Meta asterisk (star)
171.253AB~+Meta plus sign
172.254AC~,Meta comma
173.255AD~-Meta minus sign (dash)
174.256AE~.Meta period (decimal point, dot)
175.257AF~/Meta (right) slash
176.260B0~0Meta numeral zero
177.261B1~1Meta numeral one
178.262B2~2Meta numeral two
179.263B3~3Meta numeral three
180.264B4~4Meta numeral four
181.265B5~5Meta numeral five
182.266B6~6Meta numeral six
183.267B7~7Meta numeral seven
184.270B8~8Meta numeral eight
185.271B9~9Meta numeral nine
186.272BA~:Meta colon
187.273BB~;Meta semi-colon
188.274BC~<Meta less-than sign
189.275BD~=Meta equal sign
190.276BE~>Meta greater-than sign
191.277BF~?Meta question mark
192.300C0~@Meta atsign
193.301C1~AMeta upper-case letter ALPHA
194.302C2~BMeta upper-case letter BRAVO
195.303C3~CMeta upper-case letter CHARLIE
196.304C4~DMeta upper-case letter DELTA
197.305C5~EMeta upper-case letter ECHO
198.306C6~FMeta upper-case letter FOXTROT
199.307C7~GMeta upper-case letter GOLF
200.310C8~HMeta upper-case letter HOTEL
201.311C9~IMeta upper-case letter INDIA
202.312CA~JMeta upper-case letter JEHRICHO
203.313CB~KMeta upper-case letter KAPPA
204.314CC~LMeta upper-case letter LIMA
205.315CD~MMeta upper-case letter MIKE
206.316CE~NMeta upper-case letter NOVEMBER
207.317CF~OMeta upper-case letter OSCAR
208.320D0~PMeta upper-case letter PAPPA
209.321D1~QMeta upper-case letter QUEBEC
210.322D2~RMeta upper-case letter ROMEO
211.323D3~SMeta upper-case letter SIERRA
212.324D4~TMeta upper-case letter TANGO
213.325D5~UMeta upper-case letter UNICORN
214.326D6~VMeta upper-case letter VICTOR
215.327D7~WMeta upper-case letter WHISKEY
216.330D8~XMeta upper-case letter XRAY
217.331D9~YMeta upper-case letter YANKEE
218.332DA~ZMeta upper-case letter ZEBRA
219.333DB~[Meta left square bracket
220.334DC~\Meta left slash (backslash)
221.335DD~]Meta right square bracket
222.336DE~^Meta uparrow (caret)
223.337DF~_Meta underscore
224.340E0~`Meta (single) back quote (grave acent)
225.341E1~aMeta lower-case letter alpha
226.342E2~bMeta lower-case letter bravo
227.343E3~cMeta lower-case letter charlie
228.344E4~dMeta lower-case letter delta
229.345E5~eMeta lower-case letter echo
230.346E6~fMeta lower-case letter foxtrot
231.347E7~gMeta lower-case letter golf
232.350E8~hMeta lower-case letter hotel
233.351E9~iMeta lower-case letter india
234.352EA~jMeta lower-case letter jericho
235.353EB~kMeta lower-case letter kappa
236.354EC~lMeta lower-case letter lima
237.355ED~mMeta lower-case letter mike
238.356EE~nMeta lower-case letter november
239.357EF~oMeta lower-case letter oscar
240.360F0~pMeta lower-case letter pappa
241.361F1~qMeta lower-case letter quebec
242.362F2~rMeta lower-case letter romeo
243.363F3~sMeta lower-case letter sierra
244.364F4~tMeta lower-case letter tango
245.365F5~uMeta lower-case letter unicorn
246.366F6~vMeta lower-case letter victor
247.367F7~wMeta lower-case letter whiskey
248.370F8~xMeta lower-case letter xray
249.371F9~yMeta lower-case letter yankee
250.372FA~zMeta lower-case letter zebra
251.373FB~{Meta left curly brace
252.374FC~|Meta vertical bar
253.375FD~}Meta right curly brace
254.376FE~~Meta tilde
255.377FF~^?Meta DEL (delete, rub out)

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decimaloctalhexgraphicname (meaning)

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